Propaganda is Making a Comeback

People have been targeted by Propaganda since the emergence of human communities and societies; it is only the word “propaganda†that had disappeared recently.

Propaganda techniques and influences can be traced back to the end of pre-history when it could be recorded. Ancient history, such as the Roman Empire, used and recorded it. It flourished during countless wars and in informational political battles throughout history. Propagandistic programs continue today.

Americans specifically, and the world community in general, have been fed a steady diet of propaganda for the last decade and into the current one.

That’s not particularly unusual. What is somewhat unique however, is that in recent years the world has stopped calling propaganda techniques and its impacts “propaganda.†Instead, it’s called such things as “disinformation,†“fake news,†and even “advertising,†or “publicity.â€

The word propaganda is often misunderstood, used incorrectly, and considered evil.

Yet, I’ve seen the word propaganda used in media several times in the last few weeks. It’s being used accurately, too. It’s making a surprising comeback!