A black shirt with the arizona mountain school of real estate logo.

A Quick Story: Fits to a T

A popular pawn shop becomes an equally popular television show. That changed the nature of their business.

Most of the changes were very welcomed. But at one point the owner and operator said his business has become a t-shirt shop with a pawn broker’s license.

Part of the Marketing Mix is Promotion. The model of the Marketing Mix includes Price, Product, and Place (distribution system) in addition to Promotion.

Promotion is generally defined as sales promotion: the use of a physical short-term branded item to encourage immediate sales. It may be offered free to the target audience or provided as a gift for trying a product, renewing subscriptions, or taking advantage of a sale.

Examples of gifts include pens, hand sanitizer, clothing, key tags, water bottles, coffee cups, etc. These are branded with at least the name of the advertiser, logo, etc.

Sale incentives include two-for-the-price-of-one offers, extended renewal times, and couponing.

Carefully targeted – toward big business opportunities with large ticket business prospects – can be very expensive on a per-unit basis. An actual example was an advertiser who sent an entire HO scale model train - car by car, plus track and transformer – to a lucrative target company.

At one point, I decided I needed branded t-shirts for Arizona Mountain School of Real Estate for myself, family, and acquaintances. They were not originally intended as a sales promotion item or retail sale item.

As an experienced writer-producer, I had to manage the copy, artwork, and design as well as purchase of the finished shirts. That’s what writers and producers do.

Producing t-shirts was a new challenge for me. I entered the world of silk-screen printing, fabrics, colors, clothing characteristics and materials, and sizes.

Copy and art were easy: I decided to use only the name of the school and the sketch outline of the Northern Arizona San Francisco Peaks logo element.

The color of the shirts consisted of one of the school colors, blue. Beige was the other school color. A dark blue shirt with white lettering stood out well.

I selected a high quality, easy to care for t-shirt with my message silk-screened on it.

Sizes, I learned, should lean toward large quantities of extra-large, followed by XXLs. Few adults, it seems, wear small or medium sizes.
After seeing the new shirts around town, my students began to ask if they could buy them.

I added them to my modest bookstore inventory. For many students it became the school where they “graduated”, replacing the University of … logo wear of college and university grads.

For the school, the branded shirts became “walking billboards” promoting my brand.